Find Affordable Dental Care in Costa Rica at Top Dental Care

Finding affordable dental care can feel like a challenge that you are not prepared for. After all, very few people carry dental insurance when compared to traditional health insurance. Compound the fact that most dental problems crop up unexpectedly, and you have the recipe for disaster. Sometimes the best way to handle an emergency is to prepare yourself before the crisis ever arises. Today, we are going to introduce you to the high-quality, affordable, and professional dental services available at Top Dental Care in Costa Rica.


Implant supported denture

The Implant Supported Denture is widely known as "All On 4" and "All On 6" as it refers to having all teeth on 4 implants or all teeth on 6 implants depending on the case.

The recommendation is to place 6 implants on the uppers (maxilla) and 4 implants on the bottom (mandible) to hold the dentures in place.

Dental crowns

A Dental Crown is a prosthetic cover placed on top of the tooth to cover it. Our crowns are metal free, made out of Emax or Zirconium depending on the doctor's recommendation.

All of our crowns are made with CAD/CAM technology. This means the crowns are designed with special 3D software and then milled with a precision dental milling machine to guarantee a perfect fit in your mouth.


Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is a Titanium Screw that functions as a prosthetic device to replace a missing tooth.

In other words; a Dental implant is a Medical Grade Titanium Screw that is placed in the patient's mouth to replace the root of a missing tooth. It will hold the abutment where the crown is cemented after the 4 month healing process that is known as "osseointegration". The dental code is D6010 Surgical placement of implant body: endosteal implant. We only use FDA approved Dental Implants.