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I want to say how grateful I am for the amazing service, professionalism, kindness and welcoming experience I had in June 2019 at Top Dental Care in San Jose!

I would give them 10 stars out of 5, if I could!  They greatly exceeded my expectations in so many ways!  Amazing!  And who says that about dental work?  I will be going back in December to finish off a crown on my new implant.

Michael E.
(Sarasota, FL.)

They are all highly educated, extremely professional and competent clinicians, whose level of expertise and compassion was most appreciated. I naturally expected nothing less than expert treatment and I was not disappointed.

What I was not prepared for was a level of genuine care and compassion that was shown to me; beyond any I have had in my 50 + years of going to the dentist. For the first time in my life, I can actually say that I enjoy going to the dentist.

Michael R.
(Sacramento, CA.)

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this dental clinic! What a talented team of dental professionals. This is not at all one of those dental tourism mills that is just trying to extract as much money as they can from their patients, they truly took the time to find the best and least invasive treatment for me. They could have easily just told me that my dental implant needed to be removed and replaced, instead they took the time to do some detective work and found that it was just the crown that was loose, not the implant itself. They even had the surgeon come and look over my CAT scan to make absolutely sure he agreed that we could leave the implant in place. I was so happy that I did not need an expensive and invasive surgery, and I’m so grateful that they took the time and cared enough to find the treatment that was best for me. I have full confidence in Top Dental Care and would 100% recommend them to anyone. From now on they will be the only ones taking care of my teeth in Costa Rica, definitely worth the trip to San Jose from Puerto Viejo to go to Top Dental Care!

Amy Meza
(Puerto Viejo, Limón. From NY)

Thank you Dr. Wong, Dr. Pilar, Eugene Mendoza and all the staff and assistants at Top Dental Care for my beautiful new smile. I am 70 years old and suffered with dentures for over 20 years. After a full mouth restoration consisting of 10 implants, I not only have a beautiful smile at half the cost that was quoted to me in Florida, but I can eat all my favorite foods again like steak and corn on the cob. I can even chew gum and blow out candles!

Everyone at Top Dental Care are top-notch professionals. The office is very clean and modern. I was treated with kindness and respect.

I would recommend Top Dental Care without any hesitation whatsoever.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You



Pat Brittenham
(Sarasota, FL.)