Dental crowns

Dental crowns

A Dental Crown is a prosthetic cover placed on top of the tooth to cover it. Our crowns are metal free, made out of Emax or Zirconium, depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

All of our crowns are made with CAD/CAM technology. This means the crowns are designed with special 3D software and then milled with a precision dental milling machine to guarantee they are a perfect fit in your mouth.

The crowns can match any tooth color for a more natural look in your mouth. The dental code for a metal-free crown is D2740, and the description reads Crown – porcelain/ceramic substrate.

Crowns over implants 

The crown over the implant is the tooth placed on top of the implant. It is very similar to a regular crown, but the difference is that it sits over the abutment and not your teeth. Restoring an implant needs two different parts: the abutment and the crown.

The abutment is a connection part that is attached to the implant. It can also be described as an implant extension that provides the base where the crown is cemented on. It is custom-made to fit your mouth’s anatomy for a better aesthetic look. The metal-free crown over an implant has the dental code D6058, and it is described: as Abutment supported porcelain/ceramic crown.

This crown can also have the code D6065 with the description: Implant-supported porcelain/ceramic crown.


FAQ About Crowns

What is the benefit of a Metal Free Crown?

The metal-free crowns have a few benefits that include higher aesthetics, a wider variety of colors to match your current teeth, and no dark edge at the gum line.

What is the cost of a Metal Free Crown?

Metal Free Crowns are $489 per unit and include the doctor’s fees. Depending on the case, there could be some additional charges with crowns placed on the front teeth if a gum contouring surgery is needed to correct the gum line.